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Space-Y understairs storage container

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The Space-Y storage container even makes your understairs area a useful part of the house, thanks to this new furnishing and design element.
The elegant yet functional Space-Y line was designed to fit perfectly in a corner and in the area under a spiral staircase.
Its shape, ample capacity and wheels optimise the space at the bottom of the staircase: Space-Y is easy to move effortlessly - even once it is full.
Space-Y is built with FSC® -certified wood (Forest Stewardship Council) out of respect for the environment. It is 100% recyclable.
623,00 zł


The Space-Y storage container is the ideal solution for those in search of more storage space in the home. This convenient and capacious container on wheels takes advantage of the area under a spiral staircase.
This piece is made with 100% recyclable FSC® - certified wood. It fits perfectly in the corner of your understairs area on two sides, and its third visible side has a rounded, precious and essential design.
Four wheels support the structure and provide maximum mobility - even when the unit is full. A hole on the top replaces a handle, making the container easy and safe to open.
Customise it with any water-based paint.
Stosowanie Storage container to be positioned under a spiral staircase
Colore It is natural because it is made with unfinished wood - customise it with any water-based paint.
Środki Three-sided structure with a right angle:
- Width 55 cm
- Height 38 cm
Dimensions Nie
Materialny 100% recyclable FSC-certified poplar plywood
Componenti 2 articulated screw bolts
4 articulated threaded bolts
8 Oldham couplings
Warning We recommend only using a dry cloth since it is unfinished wood.
Montaggio a muro Nie
Designer Valentina Downey


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